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GotU+ Digital Door Viewer
Know before you open

View. Record. Protect.

Mul-T-Lock’s GotU+ allows you to clearly see who is at your door. With its built in camera, you’ll be able to take picture or video of anyone that is approaching your door or once they are there. The camera is armed with infrared capabilities so even in reduced lighting conditions, you’ll get a clear picture.

Easy-to-install, the GotU+ is wireless so no special tools are required for installation. Moreover, its so easy to operate it is an ideal solution for children and the elderly. And even when you’re not at home, its automatic setting keeps the GotU+ working whenever you want it to.
The Mul-T-Lock GotU+ gives you surveillance protection at your home:
  • Automatically recording visitors while your there or away
  • Saves images and videos to an embedded SD memory card
  • Functions as a built-in, adjustable doorbell that automatically takes a picture whenever it is pressed
  • Provides clear and expanded images


GotU+ Solution Benefits


GotU+ Solution Features

Lets you know who is there — Without having to ask, you’ll clearly see who is at your door at all times

Easy to Use — Designed for simplicity, the GotU+ is easily operated making it ideal an ideal solution for the whole family 

Easy to Install — The GotU+ is wireless and doesn’t require any special tools or installation procedures, it simply replaces your existing mechanical door viewer
Automatic Action — With every push of your doorbell the GotU+ will automatically take an image
Works While You’re Away— Set the automatic switch to on, and you’ll know who was there and when even if you’re not
Clear Images and Videos — The GotU+’s 0.3 megapixel camera and infrared capabilities ensures you get clear images


Embedded Memory Card — Lets you store your images and videos for as long as you want

Infrared Capabilities — Gives you clear images in reduced lighting conditions
Variety of Finishes — Allows you to match the GotU+ to your door color for smooth aesthetics with options including:
  • White
  • Black 
  • White Aluminum 
  • Champagne
  • Gold Platinum                  
Battery Operated — No need for special wiring and completely autonomous, the GotU+ will let you know when the batteries are running low
3.5” TFT LCD Screen — Lets you comfortably and easily view your entrance and who ever is standing in it

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