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Retrofit Cylinders

Can I upgrade my current decorative hardware (knob, lever, or deadbolt) to high security and key controlled products without replacing the entire lock?

Absolutely!  Mul-T-Lock specializes in providing a wide array of highly versatile retrofit cylinders, specifically designed to work with popular manufacturers’ hardware.  So, upgrading your current decorative hardware to a high security lock is easy. 
By simply replacing your existing cylinder with a Mul-T-Lock high security retrofit solution, you will obtain a pick and drill resistant cylinder that is built to withstand virtually any attempted manipulation. 
Furthermore, Mul-T-Lock’s strict key control procedures, which require presenting a specially designated key order card that must be shown along with a valid photo I.D. in order to obtain keys, protects Mul-T-Lock owners from unauthorized key duplication. 
To learn more about our retrofit cylinders, please see the Cylinders section of our website: CYLINDERS

Lost Keys Or Cards

I lost my keys, but I have the card.  Can I still get additional keys made, or should I change my lock?

Good News – As long as you are still in possession of your personal key order card, losing your keys does not necessarily mean having to change your lock. 
Of course, you may want to consider the possibility of changing or re-keying your lock, should you suspect that your lost keys may have fallen into the wrong hands, but if your only concern is obtaining additional keys, you will be happy to learn that you can still have duplicate keys made. 
You can also take comfort in the fact that no one is able to duplicate your keys without being in possession of your card. 
Simply present your personal key order card along with a valid form of photo identification to one of our authorized
Mul-T-Lock dealers in order to obtain duplicate keys. 
You may want to contact the locksmith via phone ahead of time to ensure that they currently stock the blanks from which your keys must be cut. 
To locate an authorized Mul-T-Lock dealer in your area, please visit the Where to Buy section of our website: WHERE TO BUY

Where To Buy

Where can I purchase Mul-T-Lock products within the USA?

To locate a local authorized Mul-T-Lock USA dealer in your area, please visit http://www.mul-t-lockusa.com/
Simply click on “Where to Buy” and enter your zip code.  You may also contact our Customer Service Department by dialing 1-800-MULTLOCK.

 Where To Buy

Where can I purchase Mul-T-Lock products outside of the USA?

To locate information on purchasing Mul-T-Lock products outside of the United States, please visit our international website: www.mul-t-lock.com

Key Control Procedures

Is it possible for someone to purchase duplicate copies of my keys without being in possession of my Key Order Card?

Mul-T-Lock implements strict key control procedures to protect against unauthorized key duplication.  
All Mul-T-Lock cylinders come with a card that is necessary for key duplication. 
The proper name for this item is a Mul-T-Lock "Key Order Card". 
This is an authorization card that resembles a credit card in appearance, and serves the purpose of proving that you are authorized to obtain duplicate keys.
Anyone attempting to make keys without possession of this Key Order Card will be refused. 
So you can rest assured that Mul-T-Lock’s high security protection covers all the bases – offering strength, durability, superior pick and drill resistance and ultimate key control with every cylinder.

Key Restriction

I would like to have a restricted key.  Do you have such a thing, and if so, how should I go about ordering it?

Mul-T-Lock offers a variety of different restriction levels designed to meet every need. 
Restriction levels vary by “Keyway” – a term used to denote what type of blank a Mul-T-Lock key is cut from. 
Our restricted Interactive® key blanks range from the standard Interactive® keyway, which is available at most authorized
Mul-T-Lock dealers, to the locksmith restricted Interactive® keyways, which are available only at select authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers, to our factory restricted keyway which is only available at Mul-T-Lock’s factory and cannot be cut by any authorized
Mul-T-Lock dealers. 
Each level of restriction is designed to meet the varying needs of our customers. 
So, no matter what aspect of high security you are most interested in, Mul-T-Lock has the perfect solution. 
To learn more about our restricted keyways, please visit one of our authorized Mul-T-Lock USA dealers, or contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-MULTLOCK.

Purchasing Additional Keys

How can I purchase additional keys for my Mul-T-Lock product?

In order to obtain duplicate keys for your Mul-T-Lock product, you will need to visit an authorized Mul-T-Lock dealer. 
Additional keys may be purchased by presenting your Key Order Card to the dealer at the time of purchase.  You may wish to call the locksmith ahead of time to ensure that they stock the blanks from which your keys will be cut. 
They will be able to decipher which blanks are necessary be reading the characters on your Key Order Card, so be sure to have this card with you when you call. 
To locate a local dealer close to you, please visit www.mul-t-lockusa.com
Simply click on "Where to Buy", or you may contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-MULTLOCK.

Hercular® Deadbolts

What type of deadbolts does Mul-T-Lock offer?

For the ultimate in high security, you need look no further than Mul-T-Lock’s famous Hercular® deadbolt. 
Available in single cylinder, double cylinder, and captive key designs, and having matched or exceeded some of the toughest industry tests, the Hercular® deadbolt is the best deadbolt available on the market today. 
Mul-T-Lock deadbolts are specially designed with strong materials and strategically placed hardened steel inserts to resist against attempts of picking, drilling, and prying. 
To learn more about our Hercular® deadbolts, please visit: Product Catalog Hercular Deadbolts

Hercular® Deadbolts

What are the benefits of the Captive Key Hercular® Deadbolt?

Mul-T-Lock’s Captive key deadbolt offers the best of both worlds. 
On the surface, it resembles a single cylinder deadbolt, but the difference is this - The Captive Key Deadbolt lets you to remove the thumb turn on the inside of the deadbolt by inserting your key into a special release cylinder. 
This feature allows you to essentially convert the product from a single cylinder to a double cylinder deadbolt, so that when you leave the house, you are actually able to take the thumb turn with you. 
This gives you the convenience of a thumb turn for opening the door while you’re at home and the added protection of users needing a key to both enter and exit the door when you leave. 

The benefits of the Captive Key Deadbolt include:
1. The convenience of being able to convert your deadbolt from a single cylinder to a double cylinder at any time.
2. The prevention of a "reach around break in" (which is prevalent among homes that have a panel window along the side of their door, in which case a burglar can break the window and ‘reach around’ to flip the thumb turn.)
3. The prevention of an easy escape through the front door for intruders that have entered through other portals (for instance a window).   
To learn more about our Hercular® Captive Key Deadbolt, visit:
Product Catalog - Hercular® Deadbolts – Captive Key

 Product Authenticity

I bought a product that looks like Mul-T-Lock; however, it did not have the muscleman logo on it. Is this a genuine Mul-T-Lock product?

Beware of imitations!  Genuine Mul-T-Lock products will have our famous muscleman logo embossed somewhere on the product. 
On larger retrofit cylinders such as mortise and rim cylinders, our name and muscleman logo are clearly visible on the face of the cylinder body. 
On key in knob cylinders, in which the visible surface is a very small area, you will find our muscleman logo on the face of the plug.  On items such as our Adonis® locksets, our logo can be found on the faceplate of the latch inside the door. 
Other brand names may resemble Mul-T-Lock high security products in appearance, but none match Mul-T-Lock’s superior level of protection. 
Accept no imitations. 
To ensure that you are secured by the best in high security, ask for Mul-T-Lock by name and look for our muscleman logo.

Product Maintenance

What do I need to do in order to maintain my cylinders in a good working condition?

Mul-T-Lock’s high security solutions are quality designed for smooth operation and ease of use. 
Mul-T-Lock cylinders must be used in conjunction with properly installed and operating locks and doors and must be frequently lubricated. The frequency of lubrication required will depend upon weather, environment, cylinder usage and location.
All cylinders must be lubricated at least twice per year. 
However, cylinders in particular conditions (such as those used on external doors) must be lubricated at least four times per year and whenever users experience difficulty in turning or inserting keys.
Lubrication is simple and convenient since Mul-T-Lock offers the required lubricant, which can be purchased at authorized
Mul-T-Lock dealers (we do not recommend the use of any lubricant other than Mul-T-Lock brand lubricant). 
Mul-T-Lock's wet lubricant is available for strictly mechanical cylinders, while a 3-bond dry lubricant is available for CLIQ electromechanical cylinders (wet lubricant cannot be used on CLIQ cylinders). 
Also to ensure optimal functionality of your Mul-T-Lock cylinder, never paint any internal or external portion of the cylinder and do not hose or use chemical wash. 
In order to maintain your keys' ability to operate your cylinder be sure that the blade of the key remains clean and straight. 
Do not use keys for anything other than their intended purpose (locking and unlocking Mul-T-Lock cylinders). 
And always be sure to obtain only genuine Mul-T-Lock duplicate keys from authorized dealers. 
For a complete list of key and cylinder maintenance tips, visit your authorized Mul-T-Lock dealer.

  Keying Options

Is it possible to have 1 key that is capable of opening multiple locks?

Absolutely, Mul-T-Lock offers many versatile keying options. 
Aside from the standard keyed different option, which requires an individual key for each cylinder, customers also have the option of purchasing cylinders that are keyed alike, in which multiple cylinders are operable by a single key. 
For highly specific key access needs, Mul-T-Lock offers comprehensive master keying solutions by which customers can control which keys open which doors in a multiple cylinder set-up. 

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