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MT5®+ Systems

The Future Starts Now - Mul-T-Lock's MT5®+ Platform is Here 

MT5+®, Mul-T-Lock's fifth generation of high security offers: long-life patented key control; pick, drill and bump resistance and utilizes three active locking mechanisms:

1. A revolutionary, patented, mobile interacting Alpha spring at the tip of the key to engage a unique, additional rear cylinder pin.

2. A side locking bar with five finger pins to allow for millions of possible combinations.

3. A new variation of Mul-T-Lock's well honed telescopic pin-within-a-pin technology to create a dual shear line.

All New Features

Other advantages include a double-molding design which gives the plastic key-head a totally new look and very strong tamper, pick, drill and bump resistant features.

Unprecedented Key Control with Special Authorization Cards

With an all new patent, the MT5+® technology offers ultimate key control.  A magnetic key order card must be swiped through a specialized key duplication machine, which can only be found at select authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers in order to duplicate keys.  These state-of-the-art key cutting machines also produce highly restricted and unique keyways which vary from authorized dealer to authorized dealer to provide even more control and exclusivity.

MT5+®, at a glance:

  • 5th Generation High Security Platform
  • Multiple Locking Elements Including the Including the Patented Alpha Spring
  • Pick, Drill and Bump Resistant
  • Magnetic Strip Key Order Cards for Enhanced Key Control  

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