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Keying Options
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Keying Options


Mul-T-Lock Keying Options
Dedicated to satisfying customers’ needs, Mul-T-Lock offers many convenient keying options. 
These options range from traditional to innovative and are designed to offer convenience, control and peace of mind. 

Keyed Different
This keying option simply means that each product in a system is operated by only its own individual keys. 
Three different locks, for example, could each be opened by only by 3 separate specific keys

Keyed Alike
This keying option allows for the operation of multiple doors with just a single key. 
Multiple products in a system can be keyed to the same locking combination allowing just one key to open all of them. 
Three different locks, for example, could each be opened by the same key. 


Master Keyed
This keying option allows for highly specific levels of access for different key holders. 
Master key systems can dramatically reduce the amount of keys that must be distributed to users since rather than having to supply a different key for every door that a user has access to, the user can be given just one key that will allow them to access all doors, while another user may be given a separate key that operates only half as many doors. 
Three different locks, for example, may be master keyed so that one key opens all three doors, one key opens only two of the three doors and still a third key opens only one. Learn More 

Construction Keying
This keying option allows multiple cylinders on construction job sites can to be temporarily prepped for operation by a single key.  While under construction, one master key operates all of the cylinders on the site. 
Then, when a tenant moves in, a special change-over key is inserted, which alters key access, disallowing the construction master key to ever work again and preparing the cylinder for operation by the user key only.

3in1 Keying
This keying option offers you the ability to change a lock combination all on your own.  Lost keys or any circumstances that might require a user to immediately change a lock combination are easily resolved by 3in1 keying. 
Each 3in1 keyed product comes with 3 different keys (green, yellow, and red). 
Initially, operated by the green key, if a change is needed, users can simply insert the yellow key and turn it in the lock. 
This process alone changes the lock combination so that it may no longer be opened by the green key and can be operated by the yellow key only. 
If the need to change the combination arises again, this process is simply repeated with the red key, nullifying the operating capabilities of the yellow key now and allowing operation only by the red key. Learn More 


Flex Control Keying
This keying option offers you the flexibility to temporarily authorize or unauthorize a mechanical key simply by turning one of two user keys in your lock: one key means go, the other says no!  Flex control products come with four keys (green, red, white and blue).  The green (go key) and the red (no key) are for the system owner.  The white (neutral) key can be given to anyone who should have permanent access but no ability to impact the guest key's authorization, and the blue (guest key) can be distributed to guests. 
The system owner than simply turns the green key in the lock to allow the blue key to open the same door or turns the red key in the lock to lockout the blue key.  Using the white key in the door has no effect on whether the blue key will work or not.
Owners can lockout and reauthorize the blue key all on their own as often as necessary without having to change the lock combination. 
Great for residential applications which may require the ability to grant and revoke access for babysitters, housekeepers, renovation workers, etc. as well as for commercial buildings which may require provisional access for employees, consultants, office temps, maintenance workers, and more on a continued basis.  Learn More

One Way Cylinder Keying
Allows for the issuance of one key that can ONLY lock, one key that can ONLY unlock and one key that BOTH lock and unlock the cylinder.  Perfect for applications where one key holder should only have authorization to lock, while another should only have authorization to open and yet another can have the authorization to perform both functions.  Learn More

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