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CLIQ® Remote

Mul-T-Lock’s CLIQ® Remote adds an enhanced level of functionality to the CLIQ® E-Cylinder & Smart Key Platform

Features include:

Secure Online Software:  System managers can program users’ keys from anywhere
Remote Access:  No need to collect keys - managers can reprogram rights and view audit trails instantly
Wall & Mobile Updaters:  Users update and refresh key authorizations by simply inserting their key

Available for both MT5®+ and Interactive® platforms

How CLIQ® Remote Works

  • CLIQ® Remote Manager software is a secure online application accessible from any computer.
  • One or more users may be assigned as system managers at the administrator’s discretion, each one equipped with a programming device (standard PD).
  • A System manager simply hooks PD up to any computer and connects to CLIQ Manager Software site (username and password protected).
  • System Manager inserts C-key into PD and makes authorization changes as needed to user keys such as time schedule updates, specific cylinder access addition or revocation, 24 hour access permission, etc.
  • These changes will then in turn be transmitted to the key-holder in one of two ways:
  1. The relevant site includes a Wall PD (Updater). This wall-hung device is equipped with a power over Ethernet USB port which receives updates from the system manager via internet or intranet connection and a portal for user key insertion. The key-holder simply inserts their key into the wall updater and their key authorizations will be instantly updated.
  2. One or more key-holders receives a “Mobile Updater”. This handheld device is equipped with a USB port for connection to a computer or Bluetooth connection through a cell phone. Key-holders using this device will plug into their computer or cell phone and visit a website (separate from the website that hosts the CLIQ® Manager software), which will have been updated with the system manager’s changes. The key-holder simply inserts their key into the connected mobile updater and their key authorizations will be instantly updated.


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